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Wed Mar 06 2024 05:03:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

CNERGY 4.61   0.04     UNITY 23.3   0.67     KEL 4.69   -0.18     OGDC 128.02   0.66     BOP 6.18   -0.04     PAEL 21.72   0.02     SHEL 154.25   7.31     PPL 114.25   0.15     PTC 12.11   -0.12     PIBTL 5.96   0.03     ATRL 368.01   -4.41     SEARL 51.4   1.01     PSO 170.49   2.74     SNGP 65.61   -1.14     NRL 274.34   7.93     NBP 29.88   -0.14     FABL 31.1   0.27     KAPCO 32.0   0.19     UBL 195.0   0.14     PSX 9.7   0.16     FCCL 17.65   -0.27     HUBC 115.85   0.51     TRG 72.3   -2.08     AVN 54.02   -1.58     HBL 116.05   0.25     PIOC 138.26   1.6     DGKC 69.5   -0.45     YOUW 3.9   -0.04     EFERT 146.5   -0.42     MLCF 38.7   -0.18     

Services: Online Trading at PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited)

Share Trading at PSX Pakistan Stock Exchangee

Share Trading at PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange RSL is one of the leading brokerage houses of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Our Client Executives officers provide one-on-one interactions with our clients and give them professional information on market, which is in line with their financial goals. We provide platform for our clients to execute trading online. RSL has recently launched its new Eclipse Trading

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Commodity Trading at PMEX

Commodities is an emerging market with huge potential to make financial gains. RSL is a universal member of PMEX and deals in commodities listed on the PMEX like crude oil, gold, silver, palm oil, wheat, sugar and rice. We offer our clients expert advice and personalized guidance to invest in the commodity market according to their individual needs. We give them an opportunity to online commodity trading and this helps them

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RSL's Eclipse (Desktop)Trading Terminal for Pakistan Stock Exchange

RSL has launched Eclipse (Desktop) Trading Terminal for Pakistan Stock Exchange online trading. It is an online trading platform with the latest charting tools and trading features which is available on our website (Download Section). For access on your laptop you can use our Eclipse (Desktop) trading terminal. You can buy or sell directly on